Lost World

Lost World is an eclectic collection of original music that combines the deep and complex sonic architecture of flamenco and African bata with the dynamism of American jazz. Reyes plays multiple guitars and piano, with Cuban Jazz pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba featured on 3 of the cuts. Other featured artists include Wallace Roney, Alex Acuña, Ricardo Isaac, Aaron Serfaty, Rene Camacho, Pedro Eustache and Lazaro Gallaraga.


Eddie Reyes, composer/guitarist/pianist has an extensive background in Afro-Cuban and Brazilian jazz. His long standing interest in ceremonial Bata drumming as it is performed in Cuba and the Caribbean, coupled with a deep love for flamenco music gave birth to The Lost World.

He connected with flamenco music in Spain years ago on a trip to Andalucia, and was so taken with the genre, which offered a unique outlet for two of his great passions – guitar and percussion – that his wife bought him a flamenco guitar on New Year’s Eve in Madrid, and since that day, he’s never put it down.

Back in LA, while working with percussionist and bata player Ricardo Isaac, whom he knew from his days playing Afro-Cuban/Brazilian music in New York, he took out his flamenco guitar and let loose.  And the two musicians were blown away by the symbiotic relationship between the two instruments and the two musical forms.

Reyes explains, “Having been set on fire by these two powerful influences, I started to experience connections between this music and existing forms of music around the world.”

And this experience sparked a four-year musical journey that would take him back to masters of Flamenco in Andalucia, reunite him with former bandmates in New York and kindle groundbreaking collaborations with percussionists, vocalists, string players and masters of ethnic wind instruments from around the world. Featured  artists include Gonzalo Rubalcaba, the celebrated Cuban jazz pianist, Wallace Roney, jazz trumpeter extraordinaire, and Alex Acuña, legendary Peruvian percussionist/drummer.

The result is an album that, according to Reyes, “is an exploration of rhythms as they … bind together seemingly disparate worlds into a connected aural tapestry.”

Begun in collaboration with Puerto Rican percussionist Ricardo Isaac, the project is an exploration of world rhythms, from the intricate percussion traditions that started in Africa and have made their way to the Caribbean and South America, to the Indo/European streams that have fertilized the gypsy and flamenco traditions and on to Indian, Celtic and Aboriginal groove elements. Added to this is a mix of contemporary jazz, classical and rock elements.

Joining him as the core of this joyous effort is Venezuelan drummer Aaron Serfaty, Mexican-American bassist Rene Camacho and guest artists Gonzalo Rubalcaba, the Cuban jazz pianist and Alex Acuña , Peruvian drummer. Also performing is the Spanish flamenco dancer Yolanda Arroyo, who lends her inspired voice, hands and feet to the project, Lazaro Gallaraga, Cuban percussionist, singer and original member of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, Pedro Eustache,Venezuelan wind multi-instumentalist, and Charlie Bisharat, Arab-American classical and world music violinist.